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About the Buffet

Astray Buffet is the on-again off-again online play-thing of Paul Dodson.

Paul is the editor at 2Camels and The Festival Gadget, the clicker behind the camera at 23 Photos Of, the digital doodler at Jet Black Yak, the financial train-wreck at Investor Soiree and the developer behind Veggoagogo and Veganagogo — a couple of veg’n traveller translation apps under the Agogo Eats umbrella.

All up there’s 20 odd sites and the two apps in his stable; an eclectic collection of travel, art, photography and investment. They’ve been his income since he quit his real job developing websites back in 2001.

He occasionally writes something travelly for the Huffington Post and other online and paper-based nooks. He’s been known to accept freelance assignments in exchange for pastry-based snacks.

He has successfully avoided prison in over 100 countries and knows the pronunciation of ‘crazy’ (and only crazy) in eight different languages.

A physical education teacher once told him he had exceptional balance.

His biggest fear is public speaking from a dentist’s chair in a spiralling out of control Airbus.

Occasionally Paul lets Cartwright P. Moocjheenie write a posthe be one weird muvva-licka!

If you’re looking for a web designer, developer or freelance travel writer, drop him an email. He may be that man.