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The MP3 Experiment


I’ve been enjoying the offerings of Improv Everywhere over the years. They’re the guys and gals who bought us the No Pants Subway Ride and Black Tie Beach.

Their public pranks involve gathering large crowds of willing participants who simultaneously break into character – and out of acting normally – en-masse. This usually culminates in a crowd of bewildered on-lookers trying to figure what they’ve just witnessed.

The MP3 Experiment is another event on the Improv Everywhere calendar.

This from their website:

Here’s how it works: we put an original mp3 file online (usually around 45 minutes long) that people add to their mobile devices. Participants then synchronize their watches to an atomic clock on our website, head out to the same public location, and blend in with others. At the predetermined time, everyone presses play. Hilarity ensues as participants carry out ridiculous, coordinated instructions delivered to their headphones via narrator “Steve” and everyone else tries to figure out what the hell is going on.

With the sole intention of bringing a smile to the face of a stranger, be it a participant or a lucky onlooker, long live the antics of Improv Everywhere.

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