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7 Course Buffet – Volume 2

Volume 2 includes how to surf a 100 foot wave, 3,700 shopping lists of strangers, Johnny Express, the illustrated maps of Elly Walton, a world map shower curtain, the Settebello ETR 300 Italian designer train from the 1950s and the G-Pod Dwell.

1. How do you Surf a 100ft Wave?

BBC posed this question to Andrew Cotton, a British big wave surfer, and he had this to say:

I never set out to be a big wave surfer. I'd wanted to be a contest surfer but simply wasn't good enough. Everything changed with my first trip to Hawaii. I was completely out of my depth, scared and probably a bit too gung-ho. But I had nothing to lose and got a taste for big waves. In the depths of winter, violent storms in the Atlantic Ocean generate waves as high as five storey buildings, and a growing number of surfers try to tame them. Sometimes they are just a slip away from serious injury or even death. Europe is the new big wave frontier. Waves bigger than anyone thought possible are now being ridden right on my doorstep. It's cold and the conditions can be unpredictable, but being from Britain I'm used to that.


For more on big wave surfing, check out the article in full on the BBC or hold your breath and check out the vid’ below.

2. Grocery List Collection

Ever found a stranger’s grocery list? A long time ago Bill Keagy did, and today he’s amassed almost 4,000 of them.


In 1997, I picked up a discarded grocery list at a St. Louis supermarket. I found it to be a fascinating glimpse into a stranger’s life and decided to pick them up whenever I found one. In 2000, I posted my collection of about 40 lists to the web. By 2004, when the New York Times Magazine profiled me and this collection, I had about 500. In early 2006 I started working on a book about these lost lists and by the time it was published in May 2007, there were 1,600 lists on the site (with thousands more yet to be scanned and posted). Now there are almost 4,000.

To start scouring the shopping lists of strangers check out, GroceryLists.org.

3. Johnny Express

From the team at mofac & alfred, comes Johnny Express — a meticulously composed, delightfully black, animated sci-fi short.

4. The Illustrated Maps of Elly Walton

Peak District based Elly Walton has been producing fab illustrations such as these maps below for the editorial, advertising, design and publishing fields for a dozen years now.




Pay Elly’s website a visit for more of her colourful work.

5. This World Map Shower Curtain

Struggling to find the perfect gift for the world traveller in your life? The search is over.


Available from Amazon.

6. Settebello ETR 300: An Italian Designer Train from the 1950s





In the 50s and 60s Italian design was the center of world attention. Italy had managed to overcome war and poverty and experienced an unprecedented economic boom. The country gained an image of modern elegance in which art, fashion, industry and even film coincided. The Settebello, an electric trainset of futuristic design, became the icon of Italian progress. The harmonious mix of form and function, the technical innovations, the stylish interior and the high service level fuelled the period's optimism. The train's exuberant luxury, though at a hefty price tag, came with the hope that it could eventually be accessible to everyone.

To read more about the Settebello ETR 300, check out Retours.

7. G-Pod Dwell

G-pod dwell is an architecturally designed, relocatable home with a focus on environmental sustainability and impeccable build quality. dwell is easy to set-up, efficient and affordable. Specifically designed to maximise the space that can be created from a standard ISO container structure, dwell employs a patented combination of pull-out sections and a spacious fold-down covered deck to quickly create a luxurious living environment anywhere you choose. The G-pod dwell expands into an area nearly 3 times its original size and can operate off-grid and without mains water. Whether it be a home, holiday home, office, additional room/bedroom, or just a space to relax and unwind.

For more information, pay the G-Pod website a visit.

Cartwright P. Moocjheenie
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