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Design in a Nutshell

It was while on a Youtube bender a few nights back I stumbled upon the Open University’s wonderfully succinct, Design in a Nutshell series. Originally produced back in 2013, each episode in the six part series shines an anglepoise on a key design movement from history.

They’re slick little animated productions, replete with slapstick sound effects and narrated by one Ewan McGregor — yep, the Scottish son of Darth Vader, or for those of my generation, the lead junkie in Trainspotting.

Designed with the shorter than average attention span of your average millennial in mind, each episode runs to about two minutes and is well worth the small investment in time.

When you’re done, you can take the quiz and discover your design alter-ego.

Apparently I’m Ludwig Georg Van Der Pound — although Wikipedia draws a blank on LGVDP, the good people at the Open University tell me that means, “I live by the mantra ‘function dictates form’, and believe my ample talents can design a better society. I am the celebration of mankind’s creativity.”

I knew it!

Got a spare 12 minutes to devote to design? Get comfy in your Eero Aarnio Ball Chair and enjoy!

Episode 1 Gothic Revival

Episode 2 Arts and Crafts

Episode 3 Bauhaus

Episode 4 Modernism

Episode 5 American Industrial Design

Episode 6 Postmodernism

Cartwright P. Moocjheenie
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