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The History of Parkour

It’s a little known fact that the word Parkour comes from the French and translated literally means, “lover’s escape“.

The term was first coined back in 1927 after an episode in Paris’ 7th Arrondissement – not far from the Hôtel des Invalides and a mere clove’s throw from the southern banks of the Seine – where Cartwright P. Moocjheenie (lover, philanthropist) was caught four stories up, with his pants down.

Cartwright was with Clémence Delacroix, a situation that upon discovery was totally unacceptable to Auguste Delacroix – the magnet magnate, renowned amateur boxer and Clémence’s husband.

Cartwright, knowing the deadly reputation of Auguste, set flight via the boudoir balcony, up over the roof before mixing the first saut de detente with a semi roulade to a neighbours roof.

From there it was a demi tour to a candy-striped hotel awning and a saut de fond into roulade to street level.

Cartwright entered a slowly moving Hansom cab using one slick motion – today known as franchissement – (paying in advance as he did) and was away, blowing a kiss to Clémence amidst a literal spitty spray of abuse from her balcony bound spouse.

It was later that same evening at a Pigalle wine den, sharing his third glass of Absinthe with a one-legged stripper by the name of Sabine, that she termed his evening escapades, “a daring act of Parkour“.

In the video below, join modern-day parkour extraordinaire, James Kingston, as he takes his amazing craft to the rooftops of Southampton. 

Parkour terminology from the good people at Parkourpedia.

Cartwright P. Moocjheenie
  • Danni
    Posted at 08:39h, 26 April Reply

    My palms are sweating and my knees hurt just watching that ! Awesome.

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