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Where’s My Beer House?

My mates are crap. Not once have I come home from a trip down the coast to find they’ve plumbed up all the taps in my home to beer kegs. Not once! It’s just poor form.

Furthermore, I’m yet to return from a dash to the post office to discover a Cuba Libre fountain in the front yard and I’ve never turned on the tap in my shower after a long hard day of Christmas shopping to be met by a high pressure spray of Bloody Mary.

Okay, that last one might freak me out a little.

But the fact remains, I want free-flowing alcohol somewhere at home and I want my so called mates to organise it, without cost, but with discretion.

Cartwright P. Moocjheenie
  • Danielle Winter
    Posted at 23:20h, 26 October Reply

    What an absolute pisser !! I want my friends to plumb my house with warm chocolate flowing from the taps !! 🙂

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